How Technology is Changing the Face of the E-Cigarette Business

How Technology is Changing the Face of the E-Cigarette Business

Over the last few years, the cigarette industry has changed a lot – and the launch of electronic cigarettes has been one of the biggest shifts. These cigarettes are promoted as being safer, not just for those who smoke them but for those who are exposed to the vapors. Electronic cigarettes are not really smoked but ‘vaped’ – they use a liquid or a wax, that is super-heated to release a vapor that is inhaled. The liquids can contain nicotine (but not all do) and they are usually flavored, with options ranging from mint or menthol to berries, chocolate and almost anything else that you can imagine.

E-cigs technology like the gaming industry is continuously changing and improving.

Vaping is mainstream now, but an understanding of the different options out there is still now widespread. While young people are enthusiastic about the idea of vaping, there is some skepticism amongst those who are more mature, in particular, because there were some safety concerns in the early days. The market for e-cigarettes is unregulated, advertising has been quite aggressive, and some of the oils that less reputable makers used were not as safe as they could have been, and even the vape mods themselves have had some risks associated with them – with batteries overheating, and coils being triggered inside people’s bags.

For the most part, those risks have now been resolved, and modern e-cigarettes are safe, with the vape oils being made from purer, safer bases. Uk online e-juice stores like Infinite Vapour said that the law and regulations around e-cigs are continuously tightening up. Marketing has been tightened up too, with many countries putting stricter regulations in place preventing companies from promoting vaping as being ‘risk-free’ since we still need to do a lot of research into the health effects of inhaling the oils, and nicotine, in this fashion.

It will take a long time for the regulations to catch up. It’s been good for the makers of the liquids to have the freedom that they do, but when there are sweet and cheerful flavors being aggressively marketed, that should naturally cause some questions as to the ethics of the marketing. If vaping can help people quit smoking cigarettes, that’s a good thing, but if e-cigs are being used as a new way to get people to smoke and it turns out that even e-cigs present some health risks, then it would be unfortunate to hook a generation of youths on candy-style flavors.

Technology has revolutionized the cigarette, though – modern box mods have adjustable coils, sizeable batteries, variable temperatures, and safety controls that make cigarettes truly seem primitive by comparison. Decades ago, people were dying in house fires caused by cigarettes. Modern box mods with vents and safety features prevent people from getting injured or burned. Variable strength nicotine mixes make it possible for people to wean themselves off vaping if they wish, or to use zero nicotine mixes that will prevent the addiction in the first place.

Right now, e-cigs are still a novelty to some people, but that is changing, and now there are stores in almost every town and village. E-cigs are less expensive to run than standard cigarettes. Taxation is generally less aggressive, and the public perception of them is more friendly – although they are still usually banned in the places that standard cigarettes are banned. It’s clear t hat these high-tech solutions are here to stay, and that they will become just as common a sight on our streets as the traditional cigarette was a few decades ago.

Cigars still hold a place of affection in many people’s hearts, but the thin cigarette with low-quality tobacco and a paper filter is on the way out – and that can only be a good thing for public health.

The Online Gaming Industry in Malta

The Online Gaming Industry in Malta

In the past decade the Island nation of Malta has become home to companies from the online gaming industry.  Malta has positioned itself as one of the leading financial service centers in the EU.  That has been instrumental in encouraging companies to move to the beautiful island of Malta.  Malta also has a lot going for it with a favorable climate and it is a great place to raise a family making it easy for companies to lure IT employees here.

The Online Gaming Industry in Malta

The online gaming industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars but there has been a gap in the market in the entertainment industry, primarily for those who enjoy casino games from the luxury of their own homes.  Malta has stepped in to fill that void.  In 2014 the booming online gaming industry has seen the number of licenses issued in Malta increase by 25% .  The island nation also plans a $250 million development meant to attract more and more tech companies to the island.

Active in the online gaming industry since its inception more than 20 years ago the country is on the forefront of developing the regulatory and legal frameworks that will carry it forward into the future.  The online gaming industry is Malta’s second largest contributor to the country’s GDP, with more than 12% of the annual income coming from online gaming services.  Right now the industry supports roughly 8,000 employees and more than 250 operators.


The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta or the LGA is who oversees the industry and they are the ones you can thank for both the indirect and direct economic benefits that have coming because of the booming gaming industry.  The LGA is set to take up residence in SmartCity, the international business park that is also home to companies like IBM, Microsoft and other tech companies that call Malta home.

Malta already has more than 250 online companies and Maltans are ready to see that number increase even further and the LGA has a strategy in place to make that happen.  They have plans at the ready to bolster the anti-money laundering regulations and they are developing partnerships with other jurisdictions and trying to build relationships outside of the EU.  The position of the government is that the attempt to block gaming is largely an exercise in futility and patrons will turn to illegal or unregulated sites where there are no protections in place.  If the government takes control and regulates the industry, you can protect the consumer while removing the elements of organized crime and money laundering.  Much like what was done with real world gambling in Las Vegas.

The Help of the Banks

While you look at the success of the online gaming industry it couldn’t happen without the cooperation of the banking industry.  Malta has built a solid foundation to their banking industry which allowed them to be one of the few countries to escape the market turmoil of 2008 in very good shape.  Like Canada and a few other countries the banks in Malta are heavily regulated and well capitalized.  The don’t take heavy risks and are very conservative and they didn’t need to use taxpayer money to re-capitalize banks that happened throughout the US and much of Europe.

The financial industry is indirectly responsible for the success of the gaming industry here.  The made regulatory changes more than 2 decades ago that was enacted to lure business to the country.  This step made a tremendous difference in companies deciding to come to Malta.  However the influx of IT workers made it hard to find housing in some of Malta’s bigger cities, for instance property to rent in St Julians Malta became a little harder to come by.

Malta is the Place to do Business

In 2004 Malta was the first EU nation to launch remote gaming regulations and created the right atmosphere for online gaming organizations to do business here.  There was a transparent licensing system, rules for consumer protection and anti-money laundering regulation all enacted at the same time.  That has paid off incredibly well.  Malta is poised to post a growth in their GDP of more than 3 percent this year.  Malta is doing its best to lead the pack in an incredibly competitive marketplace and the focus is on long term sustainability.  Here is a video to show how Malta is forward thinking and encouraging the gaming industry.

Another feature that allows Malta to be unique in the gaming industry is the development of Smart City.  Smart city is a group of likeminded business people who all want to see the gaming industry succeed.  It has high tech and cutting edge technological infrastructure to support the demands created by gaming companies.  There are backups and redundancies for both internet connections and electricity.  They based much of the design for Smart City on the Dubai Media City along with Silicon Valley.  Making Malta the place to be when it comes to the online gaming industry.

Top motorcycle games for pc – can be found on ebay

Just How Do You Go About Determining The Top Motorcycle Games For PC?

Playing video games is far more than the hobby or pastime it once was. Once considered something that was possibly just for kids, it has grown into a major entertainment industry enjoyed by millions, with the average age participant being in the mid thirties and rising. Video gaming lets people try different things in the safety of their own home, virtually going to various places and experiencing things they might not do in real life.


Riding a motorcycle is one such thing, where video games can let people either have some small taste of what it is like or do things they would not do in real life on a motorcycle, such as race or do tricks. If you want to try out this subgenre, you then wonder what the top motorcycle games for PC are, but how do you determine that?

Any video game friends that you currently have are probably the best place to start, particularly fellow players that share your tastes in specific video games in the past. They can give first-hand recommendations based on their own personal knowledge and experiences of specific games that they have played.

In a similar vein, asking the opinions of the staff at your local video game store is also a good idea, if the store sells PC games. Many video game stores no longer do this. They might be able to talk about console video games though, and many top motorcycle games for PC also come out on consoles. The playing and actual performance of them should not be drastically different.

Turning online for information and reviews about specific games is a good idea, but only up to a point. It is easy to look at the total sales volume of a game and decide from there that it is a good one, especially if the marketing departments hype up the sales numbers. However, in video games, the sales volume of a game is rarely an indication of the success or quality of that game, but rather how good its predecessor was.

Online forums and customer feedback rating systems like on Amazon are a good way to see what previous players you do not know have to say about the game though. The Internet is also a good place to see what the experts and professional critics have to say about games too.

If you’re open to playing top motorcycle games for PC that are not fresh on the market, you’re doing yourself a favor. Waiting 12 to 18 months can mean seeing the price on games drop dramatically, as well as make it more likely that bugs, issues, and known problems are patched by the software developer. You’re also more likely to see which games become “game of the year” in their class or genre, so you know which are the best.

As always with PC games, make sure any game you look at has minimum system requirements far below your current machine’s specifications.

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Online games and more

Online games

Playing games online has been a favorite hobby for some since the invention of computers.

Today online gaming has evolved into a new very lucrative industry. The market is wider and there’s online betting involved as well.

With the birth of tablets, and smart phones, there’s a huge demand for games more than ever before because now people spend more time on their
gadgets and when they are bored, guess what’s the first thing they do. Play games.

Apps have taken over online games I must say, but a new industry was born, that of group gaming. One to one gaming where a whole group of people
join gaming forums and they play against each other, sometimes even for years.

Online betting is also a massive industry and there’s hundres of betting companies now, most of them located in Malta. All different types of betting is
available from horses, to soccer, to even what colour of dress is Kate Middleton going to wear for a certain event. Or what gender, if its a boy or a girl,  a famous actress is going to give birth to.

Unfortunately this industry is not all positives. People tend to become addicted to gaming, being betting and games, online and offline like play station
and so on. We all heard stories where parents have left their kids hungry or even die because of their addiction to gaming.

There is therapy for that as well, like ever problem in life, there’s a solution to every problem. And where’s there’s money to be made, people make sure they
will invent something to gain advantage of it.

This will be the end of an article, an intro about online gaming in general. In the coming weeks we will talk more about specific games and crazy habits of gamers.
We will also discuss about how to play safe and protect your identity online. And how to say no for certain gaming opportunities, even jobs.

Top 20 upcoming games in 2017…

Some gaming companies pay big money for specific jobs like SEO specialists, web developers and content writers. BUT the jobs at betting companies can be very boring so you might want to think twice about it. Perhaps you want to make great money for a few years then move on to something more interesting.

That is completely up to you.