How Technology is Changing the Face of the E-Cigarette Business

How Technology is Changing the Face of the E-Cigarette Business

Over the last few years, the cigarette industry has changed a lot – and the launch of electronic cigarettes has been one of the biggest shifts. These cigarettes are promoted as being safer, not just for those who smoke them but for those who are exposed to the vapors. Electronic cigarettes are not really smoked but ‘vaped’ – they use a liquid or a wax, that is super-heated to release a vapor that is inhaled. The liquids can contain nicotine (but not all do) and they are usually flavored, with options ranging from mint or menthol to berries, chocolate and almost anything else that you can imagine.

E-cigs technology like the gaming industry is continuously changing and improving.

Vaping is mainstream now, but an understanding of the different options out there is still now widespread. While young people are enthusiastic about the idea of vaping, there is some skepticism amongst those who are more mature, in particular, because there were some safety concerns in the early days. The market for e-cigarettes is unregulated, advertising has been quite aggressive, and some of the oils that less reputable makers used were not as safe as they could have been, and even the vape mods themselves have had some risks associated with them – with batteries overheating, and coils being triggered inside people’s bags.

For the most part, those risks have now been resolved, and modern e-cigarettes are safe, with the vape oils being made from purer, safer bases. Uk online e-juice stores like Infinite Vapour said that the law and regulations around e-cigs are continuously tightening up. Marketing has been tightened up too, with many countries putting stricter regulations in place preventing companies from promoting vaping as being ‘risk-free’ since we still need to do a lot of research into the health effects of inhaling the oils, and nicotine, in this fashion.

It will take a long time for the regulations to catch up. It’s been good for the makers of the liquids to have the freedom that they do, but when there are sweet and cheerful flavors being aggressively marketed, that should naturally cause some questions as to the ethics of the marketing. If vaping can help people quit smoking cigarettes, that’s a good thing, but if e-cigs are being used as a new way to get people to smoke and it turns out that even e-cigs present some health risks, then it would be unfortunate to hook a generation of youths on candy-style flavors.

Technology has revolutionized the cigarette, though – modern box mods have adjustable coils, sizeable batteries, variable temperatures, and safety controls that make cigarettes truly seem primitive by comparison. Decades ago, people were dying in house fires caused by cigarettes. Modern box mods with vents and safety features prevent people from getting injured or burned. Variable strength nicotine mixes make it possible for people to wean themselves off vaping if they wish, or to use zero nicotine mixes that will prevent the addiction in the first place.

Right now, e-cigs are still a novelty to some people, but that is changing, and now there are stores in almost every town and village. E-cigs are less expensive to run than standard cigarettes. Taxation is generally less aggressive, and the public perception of them is more friendly – although they are still usually banned in the places that standard cigarettes are banned. It’s clear t hat these high-tech solutions are here to stay, and that they will become just as common a sight on our streets as the traditional cigarette was a few decades ago.

Cigars still hold a place of affection in many people’s hearts, but the thin cigarette with low-quality tobacco and a paper filter is on the way out – and that can only be a good thing for public health.