New Online Casinos – Is the Industry Too Crowded

Today we are going to talk about the lucrative market, the online gambling/online casin industry. Is the market too crowded?
Are online casino affiliates struggling.

Let’s take a step back first. 10 years ago, casino affiliate companies like Catena started building affiliate sites and promoting online casinos, the CPA’s and Rev share makes the industry at the top of return on investment. With high margins, the companies re-invested some of that money to acquire more affiliate websites.

Now in a rapidly growing market, one does not have to be the best at what they do due to lack of competiton and market growth.
But when the market matures and gets staurated, then innovate or die basically. Now many companies are innvating to attract
gamblers to pay and wager on their casinos, so are slot machine & game provider companies like Netent, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Amaya, Microgaming and many others. They are hiring top people to desing great games not only slots but table games like blackjak and poker for example.

Web based casinos are also expanding their game offerings and now have live deal casino games and virtual casino games. They offer
better casino bonuses and free spins and also loyalty programms for high rollers.

Operators are also looking to expand in new markets like Japan. But some countries like Australia do not allow online casinos and its a criminal offense for operators of online gambling sites. in United states the legality varies from one state to another. New Jersey and Delaware are the first states to start legalising and regulating online gaming including sports betting websites. code 5367 and code 5362 refers

New web based online casinos also struggle with the new legislation in countries like Sweden for example where a number of online casinos had
to pull out of that market due to strict regulations.

To conclude here, gambling online will always be very profitable for operators who are wise and innovate.